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Physical therapy consultants, ltd., is changing home health physical therapy practice. We are bringing positive change and making each patient feel they are receiving an outpatient physical therapy service in the comfort of their own home. We are fully aware of third party agencies hired by Medicare to evaluate performances of home health agencies and pre-claim assessment review, thus we take care to provide home health agencies and its patients the highest quality physical therapy services which is customized, detailed and evidenced based with skilled therapy documentation and justification.

Our physical therapists/physical therapist assistants spend more time than any other therapist to each patients and perform manual based physical therapy. We conduct regular in service trainings to keep up with the current trends in home health physical therapy practice. Our therapists are fully equipped with theraband, overhead pulleys, dumb bells, ankle weights, leg/arm restorator machine, TENS, Ultrasound machine, O2 Saturation equipment. We provide home exercises hand outs and educate patients on these, an integral part of home health physical therapy.

Our physical therapist assistants are supported by our full time physical therapists for every evaluation, reassessment, supervisory and discharge visits and maintain consistent communication of every patient visits, plan of care and progress. We always monitor supervisory, reassessments and discharge visits due for each patients and always coordinate these with your agencies 100 percent guaranteed. In fact most of the time, both of our physical therapists and physical therapist assistants are present during evaluations, supervisory visits, reassessments and discharge visits, a practice which is not done by any other agencies.
Physical Therapy Consultants, Ltd. specializes in providing physical therapy services to patients in home setting and outpatient clinic setting (For outpatient physical therapy service, please visit our website at or click outpatient therapy link at the navigation menu).

The following are our area of Practice:

1.  Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy - Our Physical Therapists utilizes orthopedic rehabilitation protocols and principles of joint mobilization, muscle and nerve stretching and mobilization, biomechanical analyses and corrective exercises in restoring/improving range of motion, muscle strength and relieving pain for patients with post. operative orthopedic conditions such as joint replacement, spinal surgeries, surgeries for fractures and for patients with arthritis, back and joint pain. Our therapists also prescribe/recommends appropriate assistive devices, orthoses/braces thereby improving the physical functional outcome of each patient.

2. Physical Therapy for heart, lungs and blood circulation  - Our Physical Therapists utilizes principles of Cardio-pulmonary Physical therapy and American college of sports medicine in establishing rehabilitation programs  for patients with heart, lung and blood circulation problems thereby improving the strength and endurance of each patient. We combine stretching, strengthening, assess MET requirement, rate of perceived exertion,  breathing, heart rate and lung sounds of each patients, monitor O2 saturation, provide different breathing exercises and functional training such as transfers, gait training and therapeutic exercise thereby improving functional outcome and blood circulation of each patients having Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease(COPD): asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, Congestive Heart Failure, Patient's who have pacemaker/defibrillator, LVAD procedure, peripheral vascular diseases, lymphedema/swelling, High blood pressure and Diabetes.
3. Neurologic and Vestibular/Balance Physical Therapy - We combine principles of stretching, strengthening, joint mobilization, modalities, PNFs, neurodevelopment (NDTs) techniques, Neuromuscular/balance and functional training such as bed mobility, transfer and gait training and prescribe appropriate assistive devices in achieving functional potential of patients suffering from Stroke, Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Spinal Cord Injury and any other related conditions affecting the brain, spinal cord and nerves. We also provide vestibular rehabilitation for patient suffering peripheral vestibular dysfunction: BPPV, Mal de debarquement, Superior canal dehiscence, Vestibular neuritis, Cervicogenic dizziness and  Post. op Vestibular rehab. for Perilymphatic fistula and Acoustic neuroma
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4. Lower Extremity Amputee Rehabilitation - Our physical therapists combine therapeutic exercise, therapeutic activities and neuromuscular training in desensitizing the operated limb thereby decreasing phantom limb pain, improving the stength and balance of patient who recently underwent Lower extremity (LE) amputation surgery and recently acquired LE prosthesis. We provide pre and post prosthetic training and assess gait deviations resulting from the prosthesis  used by the patients and coordinate these to MDs and prosthetist for possible prosthetic revision and modifications.