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About Physical Therapy Consultants, Ltd.
Physical Therapy Consultants, Ltd. (PTC, Ltd.) is a physical therapy staffing agency and an outpatient physical therapy provider. It is owned by a practicing physical therapist. Est. 2006, PTC specializes in providing home based physical therapy services to patients referred by home health agencies in Chicago and nearby suburbs area and outpatient physical therapy in our clinic location.  For more outpatient physical therapy service information, please visit our website at or click outpatient therapy link at the navigation menu

We have full time Multi-lingual PTs and PTAs who speaks English, Spanish, Tagalog.  

Since its opening in 2006, every year PTC had been growing and expanding, treating every home health agencies and its patients like they were a part of our organization. PTC constinuously provides communications, support and follow ups needed by home health agencies and its patients thereby achieving a successful recovery process of each patients. 


1. We have been in business since 2006. Our physical therapists are highly skilled and trained individuals with postgraduate degrees and with over 15 years of combined clinical experience in acute, sub-acute and chronic care setting.

2.  We are not owned by a multi corporate companies instead we are owned by a local practicing physical therapist thus we provide a very affordable and comprehensive evaluation and treatment and have not received any complaints from our patients and subcontracted agencies. We do not receive orders from higher level corporate management thus we are able to meet easily the needs of home health agencies and make your management feel that we are a part of your organization. 

3.  We use electronic medical record system. We fully understand and are compliant with skilled therapy documentation and justification, 30 days re-assessments and functional tools needed for each evaluations. 

4.  We are always trustworthy and hardworking individuals. We are for quality of service not for quantity. We always strive to do what is right and appropriate in accordance to medicare and insurance rules and regulations and patients' needs. We are fully aware of third party evaluating agencies hired by Medicare to monitor performance of home health agencies. We are also aware of the incoming pre-claim review assessment which medicare contractors will be applying to home health agencies.

5. We provide ongoing verbal and written care coordination and documentation with your nurses, agency staff and physicians regarding patient care, patient's progress and compliance with physical therapy, hospitalizations, visit extension, recertification or  discharged. 

6. We are compliant with malpractice, liability and workman’s compensation insurance.

7. We provide treatment that is holistic, innovative, customized and evidenced based.

8. We provide evaluation within 24-48 hours upon the receipt of referral and send all the notes to the agencies every week in a timely manner. 

9. We provide admission service for patients needing physical therapy service only.

10. We always prioritize the needs of the patients and home care agencies.

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